Tonight was a fun reminder of a largely misunderstood rule as was clearly demonstrated by the parents yelling about the “incorrect” decision.

The good old offside rule.  In this case the attacking team had a player in the penalty area just inside the 18.  She was running in towards the goal as her teammate took a shot from outside the 18.  The player running in was in an offside position when the shot was taken, the shot goes to the keeper and the keeper stops it, but gives up the rebound to the attacking player that was in the offside position.

I raise my flag to indicate to the center and he makes the call.

Enter parents: “But the ball was in the air.  C’mon ref, the ball was in the air! What’re ya’ doin’?”  Pretty sure the third person was from Canada…

After the game I was joking with the center, I really need to remember to look up the offside rule and re-read the clause on how “the ball is in the air”.  Must have missed that one in training.

Oh, wait.  It seems to not exist.