This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to center a U16 girls champions division game and it was an enjoyable experience.  I had a state referee (and my assignor) Steve as one of my ARs and he was able to observe me and give me some good feedback regarding my strengths and weaknesses and how to better manage these higher level matches.

Overall, the match was fairly balanced.  At halftime the score was 0-0 with no real incidents or anything too exciting.  Plenty of opportunities to score but neither team was quite able to finish.  After halftime, one of the teams really stepped up and was playing into space a lot, making some great outside runs and connecting on fairly long balls.  It eventually wore down the opposing team and they were able to put a couple in the back of the net.  The game ended 3-0.

Afterwards there was no real complaint from any of the players or coaches and everyone seemed accepting of the result and my effort.  The feedback was pretty good and there was no real issues to speak of.

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