So in the light of the fact that SageTV has been bought by Google, and essentially dropped from the map…I decided it is time to start restructuring our home media system to make it clean and more stable than it previously was.

The previous setup was a Windows Home Server setup running SageTV with 2GB of RAM and 4 1TB hard disks and a 250GB disk for the OS.  The 1TB disks were not raided however they did make use of the Windows Drive Extender which let you basically duplicate files to multiple drives for redundancy (something close to raid-1, but debatable).

We also had two set-top boxes that connected directly to Sage capable of playing all of our live tv, recorded tv, as well as all of our videos, music, and photos that were stored on the server (in just about every format from iso to dvd rips to xvid).

So for the new system, I needed something comparable, capable of storing precious photos, documents, videos, as well as interfacing with my HD-PVR for capturing our TV.

After searching the net, my best choice at this point appears to be MythTV.  So I have dug into that.

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